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About  Pepita 

 Professional  Bio

Since moving to France in 2010, Pepita has been applying her  creative  skills,  digital  savvy and  brand-building experience  to marketing communications projects. Whether working on global marketing strategies or targeted communications objectives, Pepita's approach is holistic, taking into consideration all channels to provide  fully integrated solutions  that meet today's needs. 
While digital retail development and copywriting are her key areas of expertise, Pepita’s lateral way of thinking has lead to a diverse range of brand-enhancing assignments including  service and product  development.  Yet even when working on the smallest detail, her eye remains on the big picture. 
A self-proclaimed silo-smasher, Pepita holds the firm belief that no communications or sales channel should be treated in isolation and that companies must strive to harmonise their message and service across all  customer touch-points .
This conviction stems from her days as a  pioneer of ‘clicks and mortar’ retail , when, living in London in 2000, she helped found a ground-breaking retail enterprise that became the biggest of its kind in Britain.
Wrapit was based on Pepita’s vision of a  design-oriented online department store  supported by a style magazine and a network of physical shops. It was the  first  internet service in the world to sell such prestigious brands as Hermes and Christofle, and was touted in the halls of Vogue House as being the meter for what’s hot in homewares.
As a result, Pepita was chosen as one of Management Today’s “35 Women Under 35 to Watch”.  She was also included in the prestigious  Courvoisier Future 500 list  in 2007 and received the National Business Awards Chairman’s Commendation in 2008.
That year Pepita took part in Channel 4’s television documentary ‘Millionaires’ Mission’, which presented successful entrepreneurs fostering enterprise in Uganda. The experience made a profound impression on Pepita, who continues to  support African development  and welfare programmes such as The Edirisa Foundation and The Uganda Kids League.
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Pepita moved to Britain to attend  St Andrews University  where she majored in Economic and Social History.  While finishing her MA, she was selected as a finalist in  Vogue’s Talent Contest for Young Writers , leading to her start as a freelance fashion journalist and stylist.
In 1996, Pepita had an opportunity to work in the [then] fledgling field of Internet development. Recognising that online was where it was at, she put aside her dreams of becoming the next Diana Vreeland to become the online development manager of a  London-based telecoms company . The experience proved invaluable, even though broadband didn't hold the same appeal as Vreeland.  She set her sights on finding a new project that would marry her internet savvy with her skills as a writer and her keen eye for style, and the rest, as they say, is history.
When time allows, Pepita likes to pen the occasional insight into what gives the French that certain "je ne sais quoi".  She is also a keen  tandem cyclist  and makes a mean  meringue .

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